Slime in tire tubes

At first glance, slime seems like a really good idea. Once I was able to ride back home after a dramatic puncture that made an impressive whosh because the slime worked to keep the tube inflated. But lately we have been having trouble with the slime gumming up the tire valves. We have even had it get into the bike pump. One bike shop guy told me that he would never consider using slime. However, we are not the type to change a tube en route. Is slime worth the trouble it causes?


Strollers on Bike Paths


It was a beautiful day on Iron Horse Trail today.  Cyclists,  regular walkers, dog walkers, and stroller pushers were all out enjoying the comparatively sunny weather.  Tonight I would like to comment on those with strollers. One person pushing one stroller is usually no problem. However, two or more people with two or more strollers tend to fail to pay attention to their surroundings. They go along talking to each other,  sometimes taking up the whole path. When I call out “on your left” to them, they often fail to move over at all or move over only a little bit. Just as cyclists should not ride two abreast, these people should go single file or at least keep a watch so that they can quickly form a single   line. Occasionally, they are strewn out on the path so that one doesn’t know whether to try to pass on the left , on the right, or down the middle.  These people need to protect themselves, their children, and other users of the path by becoming more courteous and more alert!