Manners on Iron Horse Trail

People using the trail need to be more aware of others using the path. One group should not spread itself across the entire path. People with small children need to watch them more carefully, especially when they are too young to know the difference between right and left.  Children on tricycles or bicycles with training wheels should ride single file in front of or behind an adult or between two adults. When they straggle all over the path, they endanger everyone. Also people who cannot control their dogs or  let their dogs roam at will are a danger. Today was a beautiful day after several days of heavy rain, and the path was crowded. It’s great that the path is so well used, but many people are not mindful enough of those around them. In a book that I recently read, I came across an old expression that applies here, “Remember, you are not the only pebble on the beach.”

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  2. Ian Scott says:

    It would be good if people were more careful on trails like The Iron Horse Trail because carelessness could cause harm.

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