A Pleasant Saturday

Saturday we rode from Walnut Creek Civic Park on the Iron Horse Trail, turned on the west Canal Trail, and then rode a local trail to Larkey Park where the Walnut Creek Model Railroad Society was holding an open house. Our son dropped off our grandson, and the three of us spent about an hour admiring the complex train setups with all the scenery and buildings. We even witnessed night falling on the whole setup and bringing a thunderstorm with real misting.

Model Train Display

After leaving the Railroad Society, we rode back to the local path and followed that to Pleasant Hill’s town center, where a farmers market is held on Saturday.  Our son with the rest of his family met us for a pleasant lunch at Pasta Pomodoro, where our fifth-grade granddaughter, who had just returned from her outdoor education week, regaled us with tales of her adventures. Returning to Walnut Creek, we found the trails much quieter, making our ride back easy and pleasurable.


Take Off Those Earphones

Yesterday as I was riding down the path on Stone Valley Road in Alamo, I encountered a woman walking along. First she was on the right side of the path;  by the time I approached her she had moved to the left side of the path. As I passed her, I called out “passing on your right.” I don’t think that she even heard me because she was plugged in. She gave me a startled look as I passed, but she was engrossed in whatever she was listening to. Her obliviousness made for a dangerous situation. She could very easily have veered to the right again.

People, please be aware of those around you. Take out the earphones and listen to nature and other sounds (perhaps warnings of danger). One of the reasons that I love cycling so much is that I am usually out in beautiful natural areas where I can enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells (such as now the fragrance of trees getting ready to shed their leaves).

Also yesterday I came across the woman who makes the shirts asking cyclists to call out. I have her phone number, so if you are interested in one of these shirts, send me your email address, and I will give it to her and let her get in touch with you.