Rutherford to Yountville, A Picturesque Ride

On Memorial Day after considering several routes in the wine country, we settled on parking in Rutherford on Rutherford Rd. and riding to Yountville. The day was certainly cool for Memorial Day, but at least it was not raining. We carefully crossed Hwy. 29 , mounted our bikes, and took off. Despite the virtual absence of spring this year, the flowers are in bloom, and riding along the wide shoulder of the highway was a treat. In general, the wineries and other buildings in the Napa Valley are architecturally interesting (lots of stone), and they give one a slight feeling of being in Europe.

Nickel & Nickel

We stopped at Oakville Grocery for coffee, drinking it on a bench in the front of the store, where we could watch the passing scene. This old-fashioned place has a good delicatessen and lots of culinary treats for sale. They also have an organic vegetable garden planted in containers of varied sizes and shapes.

The Container Garden st Oakville Grocery

Turning off at Washington Ave., we arrived in Yountville, where we tried out the new Napa Valley Vine Trail, a short pretty path that passes west of Yountville’s main street. Eventually this trail is supposed to go from Napa to Calistoga (but probably not in our lifetime).

We ate lunch at Michael Chiarello’s Napa Style, where we had excellent food served in a comfortable, appealing setting. The outside seating area is sheltered enough that we were able to enjoy sitting outside.

The Oudoor Eating area at Napa Style

Heading back, we were took rural Yount Mill Rd. back to Hwy. 29. Arriving back in Rutherford, tired and happy, we had to navigate some kind of accident or police action on Hwy. 29 to get our car turned around and headed home. Another glorious day on our Dahon bikes!