A Ride along the Contra Costa and Ygnacio Canals

Canal Trails--click on image to see more details

This is a scenic ride of a about 14 miles leaving from and returning to downtown Walnut Creek. It is mostly flat except for one big hill along the Ygnacio Canal Trail, but once one climbs that hill the views over the city of Walnut Creek are spectacular. In the spring the wildflowers enliven the trip along the lower reaches of the Ygnacio Canal. This part of the ride through Ygnacio Valley neighborhoods has a lot of cross streets, which require some maneuvering to stay on the trail, but the trail is very clearly marked. We usually do this ride without much in the way of rests so it takes about an hour and a half, but younger riders can probably do it much faster.  On this trip pictured on our video, we ate lunch at Va de Vi Restaurant in Walnut Creek, an outstanding small plates restaurant, where one can sample several different dishes without ingesting too many calories. Some people call it expensive for what one gets, but we don’t see it that way. We both prefer small portions of truly good food. To see a video of this trip,please click here.


From Danville to Blackhawk and Return

Path to Blackhawk

This is a trip that we often do along a wide shoulder with pretty views. On this particular trip, we put our new GoPro camera on my husband’s handlebars. We are experimenting to see whether a helmet mount or a handlebar mount works better. We noticed some side-to-side motion is this video that we weren’t too happy about. We would love to hear from others about their thoughts on the best place to mount the camera. The handlebar mount certainly looks less peculiar than the helmet mount.Please click here to take a look at our video.