The Lafayette to Moraga Trail

Lafayette to Moraga Trail

This trail is part of the rails to trails movement in this country, which has contributed greatly to the pleasures of walking and biking. The bike ride from the beginning of the trail to Moraga is mostly uphill although not very much until just before one reaches St. Mary’s college. The trail runs through an attractive part of suburban Lafayette and becomes woodsy a bit before St. Mary’s College. Because the trail is mostly uphill toward Moraga, the return trip consists largely of sitting on the bike and steering. We usually exit the trail near downtown Lafayette to enjoy lunch in one of the many fine restaurants.

On this last trip, we ate at Metro, where the food was good, but the ambiance left a bit to be desired. They have a side banquet room that tends to be overheated where they often seat customers. On this particular day, when we were shown into this room, we demurred and asked to be seated elsewhere. The maitre d’ led us to the main room, also very hot, so we asked to be seated outside. He led us there and murmured something about “the third time is a charm,” a sarcasm that we felt was uncalled for. As we ate our lunch, we noticed others asking to switch tables, so we didn’t feel that we were being too fussy.

The video of this trip is a bit on the shaky side, so I am only putting it up on our own web page, rather than on the YouTube. If you wish to view some scenes, please click on the link in the right-hand column.


Iron Horse Trail to the Farmers’ Market in San Ramon

Many Saturdays, we park the car at the Sycamore Park ‘n Ride and set off on our bikes to San Ramon. We usually park our bikes at the library and then go to Starbucks for coffee. But sometimes we go straight to the farmers’ market with a brief stop at nearby Whole Foods Market for coffee. The video of this trip has some clips from our trip south and the return north with brief views of the farmers’ market. We are still novices at this business of videoing our trips and then making the raw footage into movies, but we are improving. At the end of this particular trip, we met our son for lunch at Incontro, where we had a satisfying meal in a cozy setting in the front of the restaurant, where we could see the denizens of Danville were going about their Saturday activities.

Please click here to see a video of this trip on YouTube.