A Ride on the San Francisco Bay Trail from San Mateo to SFO

San Francisco Bay

We had so much fun riding on the SF Bay Trail in Foster City and San Mateo that we returned a couple of weeks later to ride from San Mateo to SFO (the San Francisco Airport). As before, the day was clear and balmy, and as we circled around Coyote Point, we were telling each other how lucky we are to live where we do. The Coyote Point area is a tree-studded recreation area that feels a long way from the urban life that is actually quite close by. This area is bordered by a golf course on one side and a large recreation complex on the other. The path through this part is well marked and smooth.

Further along,  the trail is rough in some spots, and it disappears completely twice on this ride, once in Burlingame and another time near the airport. Each time we managed to find our way back to the path by asking passers-by and keeping our eyes open. However, it would help tremendously if there were trail signs posted in prominent places. I don’t remember exactly where but toward the end of this trail, there is a bridge with a sawed-off post, leaving a very dangerous protuberance sticking up that is not visible until one is practically on top of it. My husband swerved to avoid this hazard and took a slight tumble. Fortunately, he was not hurt at all.

We stopped at Starbuck’s at the Marriott Hotel for coffee, where we sat outside to look at the bay and to watch airplanes taking off from and landing at the San Francisco Airport. This is the best view that I have ever seen from a Starbuck’s.

Coming back, we stopped at the Poplar Creek Grill, which I had noticed on Open Table. We did not feel that this restaurant was of the same quality as most places on Open Table. The salads that we had were acceptable, but the service was uneven at best, most of the time just plain slow. However, this restaurant is just off the path, but there are some large hotels handy to the path also where one could find food. This is a civilized area in which to ride.

To see our video of this ride, please click here.