The Stanley Blvd. Trail

Stanley Blvd. Cycle Path


A few weeks ago, we rode the Stanley Blvd. Trail from Livermore into Pleasanton with our son and our grandson. We parked the cars on the street near Leasure Island Park  in Livermore since the Isabel Ave. Trail, which starts near our usual preferred parking, was closed. The Stanley Blvd. Trail is now well-paved and attractively landscaped, but on the day that we rode, the litter scattered along the trail did detract from its looks. This ride is a safe one except for the outskirts of Pleasanton on First St., where one must ride in a fair amount of traffic and watch in every direction. We parked the bikes in one of the handy bike racks on Main Street.

After shopping at the farmers’ market, we had a leisurely , delicious lunch at our favorite Pleasanton restaurant, Forno Vecchio on Main Street. Following our meal, we visited the Pleasanton History Museum where we spent some time talking with the docents about the history of this area and the early settlers. As I grow older, it seems to satisfy something inside me to investigate local history and read about the lives of our ancestors. My husband and I, our children, and our grandchildren are all native Californians, and on my side of the family many generations have been born in California. It seems that native Californians are becoming relatively rare in the Bay area, and I believe that it is important to keep the history, both colorful and quotidian, of our state alive.