Christmas Shopping by Bicycle

Although it was cold this morning, I realize that we are lucky to live in an area where we can still get out on our bikes at this time of year. Since cycling is our main exercise, it is important to us to stick to a schedule. Today we drove to Livermore, where we parked in a small shopping center on the corner of Kitty Hawk  Rd. and Jack London Blvd. From there we caught the path to the new Livermore factory stores.  This is a short path, but it is rather pretty with the views of the hills in the distance. It is newly paved up to the crossing at the signal at the factory stores. There is still some agricultural activity in this area; today I saw a farmer with a tractor plowing his fields.

Path leading to Livermore factory stores

Path leading to Livermore factory stores

After doing a small amount of shopping, we loaded up my panniers and headed back to the car. Unfortunately, a head wind had arisen while we were shopping, making the trek back a bit more challenging. However, we had a good morning, whittling down the Christmas tasks and enjoying the brisk winter air as we cycled along.