Livermore’s Isabel Ave. Trail Open—Sort of

This post is a plea for the City of Livermore and other cities to post information about their trails on their web sites. The Isabel Ave. Trail has been closed for months while the work on widening Isabel Ave. (Hwy. 84) has been carried on. We have been parking next to a nearby park when we wanted to ride the Stanley Blvd. Trail to Pleasanton. Yesterday  finding no info on the internet, we decided to turn on to Jack London Blvd. to check out the trail again.

Lo and behold it was open at Jack London Blvd., with no warning signs. However, when we approached the junction with the Arroyo Mocho Trail, we saw a chain link fence ahead. There was a small space where it was possible to walk a bicycle through, and some other cyclists told us that we could get through to Stanley Blvd.  They failed to alert us, however, to obstacles ahead. There are a couple of patches of gravel and other debris that required us to walk our bikes, and there are also two rather dangerous lips where the level of the trail changes. But we did get through all right, and coming back we were ready to exercise caution at these places.

The Stanley Blvd. Trail now is a good one, and with the poppies in bloom alongside it, we had a pleasant ride yesterday.


Livermore’s Stanley Blvd. Trail


An Idyllic Day in Calistoga

Washington Ave. Path

Washington Ave


After a busy week, it is nice to reward ourselves with a day spent doing our favorite things, which in our case is cycling, eating, and browsing in bookstores. For this ride, we parked in a corner of the Clos Pegase parking lot, which is quite near the Washington Ave bike path in Calistoga.  At the beginning of this path, there are beautiful trees hung with moss which give the area a swampy look.  The path leads straight into the middle of Calistoga, where there is a farmers’ market on Washington Street on Saturdays. It is a pleasant scene, but no where near as complete as the markets that we are used to in the SF Bay Area. However, we did manage to buy a few items.

Calistoga Farmers'  Market

Calistoga Farmers’ Market

From Washington St. a left turn on to Berry St. and a right on Cedar takes us on a short path that runs through interesting neighborhoods and following the map above eventually to the Silverado Trail in a gorgeous landscape bursting with growth on this day late in winter.

A short way down the Silverado Trail on the right is the Solage resort with the Michelin starred Solbar restaurant. Since this is California, we were able to eat out in the sun on this lovely March day. My husband and I split all our plates, starting with a beet salad dressed with an avocado Green Goddess dressing and followed by sliders, and all topped off with a cocoanut concoction for dessert.  Good food in a pleasant setting with amiable service!


After lunch we returned to downtown Calistoga to browse in Copperfield’s Books and then returned to our car on the Washington Ave. bike path, the whole trip about ten easy miles.