A Halloween Jaunt

Diablo Valley Farmers' Market

Diablo Valley Farmers’ Market

Yesterday, a warm October day, we chose to ride to the Walnut Creek Farmers’ Market at North Wiget Lane and Mitchell Drive, where the action included a Halloween parade plus other activities for the children. The parking lot was as full as we have ever seen it, and the stalls were doing a thriving business. We were thankful to be on our bikes because of the parking situation, but of course we are always thankful to be on our bikes. We found some good produce, and I even got some cooking advice from a young woman waiting in line in front of us about roasting turnips and watermelon radishes. Tonight we will find out if her advice was good.

View of Walnut Creek

View of Walnut Creek

We had ridden from downtown Walnut Creek along Ironhorse Trail to the east Contra Costa Canal Trail. After we left the market, we continued along the canal trail to the base of Lime Ridge where the trail climbs up to give one a beautiful view over Walnut Creek. The trail then meanders past the Boundary Oak Golf Course and along the Ygnacio Canal Trail. We have ridden this trail many times, and while it is picturesque, it does cross a lot of streets and some of the crossings are not well designed. They have always required some sharp turns, but yesterday we discovered a new obstacle. Green gates have been installed to take the place of the posts that were formerly on the trail. These gates in some cases take up more than half of the entries to the path and make riding more dangerous, especially if one were to meet someone going the opposite direction. These gates are definitely  a liability for cyclists on this trail, and I regret that I did not take a picture of one of them.

Coming off the Ygnacio Trail, we cut through Heather Farms Park and cycled back to downtown Walnut Creek, where we enjoyed some of the marvelous small plates at Va de Vi Restaurant. Eating there, I usually come home with ideas to incorporate into my own cooking.